At The Pest Doctor, our staff work hard to provide healthy and pest free environments in all residential and commercial applications for our clients located between Duncan and Bowser on Vancouver Island.

To ensure our clients are 100% looked after in any pest problem they may encounter, The Pest Doctor staff are all highly trained in all aspects of Pest Control while providing excellent customer service.

Each of our staff have various responsibilities to make sure all our clients concerns are addressed in a prompt, professional  manner.

Customer Service Manager

Our Field Technicians are Professionally Trained

Each of The Pest Doctor Technicians and Route Managers are committed to delivering personalized customer service while performing expert Pest Control. To help to control the Pest problem the client is experiencing, our Technicians and Route Managers educate the client on how to identify the pest, and why the Pest infestation started in the first place.

For further information on how we can assist in providing you expert Pest Control Solutions that are customized to your pest Control needs, please Contact The Pest Doctor and speak with one of our friendly staff or visit our Pest Control Page for further information on what type of pest may be the burden of your concerns.