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Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are ground-inhabiting, social insects that live in colonies and feed on cellulose or wood. They travel through distinctive mud tubes to reach food sources above the soil surface, unseen by predators. Any damage to these tubes is quickly repaired. Full-grown workers are soft-bodied, wingless and creamy white; about 1cm in length.

Once or possibly twice a year, usually in the fall, new colonies are formed when winged reproductive emerge in flight or swarm. Flying ants and swarming termites are often difficult to tell apart. After a flight though, termites shed their wings and return to the ground; flying ants will drop to the ground and die without shedding. Termite swarmers appear to have only two body parts, relatively straight antennae and two pair of wings that are longer than the body.

A termite swarm usually only lasts an hour or two but they are often the signal there could a hidden problem close by. A trained individual should be called in order to look for other possible signs of termite evidence which may affect your home.

If you see a swarm or discover area of damage with in your home please do the following before spraying or cleaning up debris:

  • DON'T spray the termites
  • DO collect samples of the termites, preferable live, put them in a sealed container and place in fridge or freezer
  • LEAVE any debris or other evidence in place for the technician to see
  • CALL our office to arrange a complimentary inspection and quote
  • MEET the technician to discuss identification and treatment of your structure
  • ARRANGE your treatment with our office

Home Guard™ Termite Monitoring System

Home guard termite monitoring system

Pest Doctor in Nanaimo is pleased to have an opportunity to bring to you a termite monitor that closely imitates the thermal shadow termites are searching for. In areas where termites have previously been detected, the monitor can be used to identify any part of the colony that may not have been affected by the treatment or any additional colonies that may be in the vicinity.

The monitors contain a cellulose matrix which closely mimics the conditions of decaying trees and allows the termites a comfortable place to sub-colonize.

Once detected the bait matrix can be switched to bait that is formulated to be consumed by the members of the colony.

Please call the Pest Doctor office in Nanaimo for more information.

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